Conference of Rectors of Institutions of Higher Education «National Strategy of the development of Kyrgyz Higher Education, 2007-2015”
1 December 2006

The Bologna Process

The Bologna Process is a European process of reform aims to create a common Higher Education Space by 2010. At present, 45 countries participate in it, with the support of several international organisations.
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Bologna Process Documents


ECTS and Tuning
ECTS in General
ECTS User's Guide

Tuning Project
The project

Final Report Pilot Project - Phase 1 pdf
Book: Tuning Education Structures in Europe

Final Report Pilot Project - Phase 2 pdf
Book: Tuning Education Structures in Europe

Summary of Bolognakg project pdf word
Depliant pdf
Calendar pdf

Innovation in the HEIs of Kyrgyz Republic
Application of the Tuning methodology and KR Higher Education in accordance with Bologna Process
Subject areas:
Pilot curricula



Of the scientific conference “Bologna process and HEIs of Kyrgyzstan: premises and conditions for the formation of a unified education space”
Conference Materials word pdf
Bologna process and HEIs of Kyrgyzstan
16th -17th October, 2006

Final International meeting “Bologna process and Institutions of higher education of Kyrgyzstan: prerequisites the common Higher Education Space” PROGRAMME word pdf (Russian)
16 – 17 October 2006

16 - 17 October 2006
The International University of Kyrgyzstan holds the final conference "The Bologna Process and Institutions of higher education: prerequisites of the common Higher Education Space within the TEMPUS - TASIC project
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13 October 2006 - Bolognakg presented at Italian National Tempus Day pdf

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