This section furnishes links to the principal Organizationsand connected in various ways to the Bologna Process.

Russian sites

Project A Russian Tuning-ECTS based-model for the Implementation of the Bologna Process in Human Sciences (RHUSTE)


Project TUNING Educational Programmes in Russian HEIs


National Темpus Office of the Russian Federation


From Bergen to London


From Berlin to Bergen
Calendar of Events 2005


From Bologna to Berlin


EU Commission - Directorate General Education and Culture


European Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education


The National Unions of Students in Europe

European University Association


European Association of Institutions in Higher Education


ENIC e NARIC networks
European Network of Information Centres
National Academic Recognition Information Centres


The Information Network on Education in Europe


The Portal for Learning Opportunities throughout the European Space

Europa - The European Union On-Line EUROPA - Directorate-General for Education and Culture